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Sunday October 26
“The end of Mercury retrograde”

The latest Mercury retrograde cycle comes to an end now. How was it for you? Did you have endless confusion or computer problems these past few weeks while the retrograde was going on?

If not, then it’s all good! And, if so, then hopefully you will find that those issues will ease up. One thing to remember is that at the end of a Mercury reverse cycle, the energies can actually increase! So, if you do find yourself having problems with Mercury-related issues (e.g. cars, computers, other transport, contracts etc.), then be aware they might come up today. And that’s OK, because when things come up, we get to deal with them. Remember that over the past few weeks, you have had more info about what you really want and how to get it, so make some moves now, in the direction you want to go.

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Today’s Planets: Moon into Sagittarius ° Mercury direct ° Mars into Capricorn

Today’s Moon Archangel: Raguel

Today’s Moon Goddess: Fortuna

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