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COSMIC COLUMN January 13 2019

If you're feeling confused…This week brings the first of four rolling connections between the planet of plenty, Jupiter, and the planet of confusion, Neptune. In fact, Neptune governs everything from dreams and deception to poetry and addiction. It's the planet of...

Your 2019 Moonscopes

YOUR 2019 MOONSCOPES If you missed them in the newspaper (or you don't live in Australia!), I just found my 2019 Moon Horoscopes on the body+soul website here! I really love this feature (hey, it was my idea!) It basically gives you a look at the year ahead with an...

[Workshop] Moon Manifesting In Los Angeles

Hey Los Angeles Moon Lovers I am excited to announce that I will be hosting a one-day workshop (10am-5pm) in Los Angeles on February 17 2019. What you will learn at the workshop… 1. Full Moon forgiveness - we will start with this as we will be JUST pre-the Full Moon...

Meet Yasmin Boland

I’m an astrologer, a moonologer and a best-selling Hay House author. For the past two decades I’ve been mixing astrology with the Divine Feminine, the law of attraction, meditation, sacred, accessible Moon teachings, chakras, chants, angels and more.

My books Moonology, Astrology Made Easy and Angel Astrology 101 have all been published with Hay House, become at least Top 10 amazon astrology best-sellers, and been translated into many languages.

I am dedicated to teaching my readers, my fellow travellers on the spiritual path and my students, how to use astrology as a sort of very sacred mala, to connect with the Divine.

Books by Yasmin Boland:

Books by Yasmin Boland:

Praise for Yasmin Boland:

Yasmin Boland is a powerful and profound guide in all matters of our deep inner world. She is a masterful astrologer whose grasp of the celestial influences on the human soul is unsurpassed. Both practical and grounded in her guidance, she offers specific steps to help one fall into alignment with their soul’s inherent love toward expansion and growth. Both her written and her personal guidance are invaluable gifts to oneself.

- Sonia Choquette, New 
New York Times best-selling
Author of The Answer Is simple and Trust Your Vibes


Yasmin knows her stuff.

- The late, great UK astrologer extraordinaire, Jonathan Cainer

Yasmin is incredible and I am a huge fan of everything she does.

Mel Wells, speaker and best-selling author of The Goddess Revolution 

Yasmin Boland has a gift for making all things moon and astrology make sense! She also happens to be a genuinely, grounded, kind and lovely person.

Yasmin is here to translate the messages of the stars and the moon and deliver them in a way that we can use in our life right now. I have her on speed dial.

I love Yasmin Boland. She has a special way of making astrology simple.

- Rebecca Campbell, best-selling author of Light Is The New Black and Rise Sister Rise

Listen to Yasmin Boland:

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