Moonology Book - Yasmin Boland
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the best-selling book about the astrology of the moon – maybe ever!
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  • The book that reconnects women with their powers
  • The book that started a worldwide movement
  • The book that is changing women’s lives, one lunation at a time

Yasmin Boland has been writing
about the moon since last century.

She’s probably been working with the Moon for many, many lives, too! 


Here is the story of how the book Moonology came into being.

Yasmin says: “In 2015, I was invited to speak at the Mind, Body, Spirit Experience at Alexandra Palace in North London.

“It was far from the first workshop I had ever given. I’d given many, in person, online, at coffee shops in Sydney, at larger venues all over the world. But up until that point, for reasons I don’t really even understand, I had always given workshops about astrology rather than my special subject which is the Moon, aka Moonology.

“For whatever reason, I decided to do this workshop on how to work with the Moon. And it was a massive hit! The participants told me they loved it, I loved it, everybody loved it

“At that time I was already writing a book for Hay House UK – Astrology Made Easy.

“But after the buzz and success of the workshop, I went home and wrote an email to the then-commissioning editor for Hay House UK, Amy, saying “I know I am doing the Astrology Made Easy book for you, but would you like one about the Moon?”


“Amy wrote back almost straight
away with a big YES!”

And the rest is history.

The book came out in July 2016, just as the New Moon triggered one of the most auspicious stars in the sky…

  • So far, it’s sold more than 100,000 copies, which is massive for a niche astrology book
  • It’s now been in the Amazon astrology best-sellers lists internationally for more than 250 weeks
  • And if I do say so myself (because the Divine and Hay House helped me write it) it’s a great book!

What’s inside?

  • All about manifesting with the Moon
  • How it can connect you to the planet and your powers
  • How working with the Moon changes lives
  • Why manifesting at the New Moon works
  • What’s Full Moon forgiveness got to do with it
  • The New Moon through all 12 signs of the zodiac – explained
  • The Full Moon through all 12 signs of the zodiac – explained
  • The New and Full Moon through all 12 hours of your chart – explained
  • How to work with Angels, Goddesses, chakras, heavenly rays, essential oils and the Moon
  • The Daily Moon and what it means
  • And tons more

Dare we say there are reasons why this is the best-selling book about
the astrology of the Moon – maybe ever!

💕 Partly because it’s written by an astrologer and partly because it’s dedicated to the Divine Feminine.

Want to get your hands on a copy? It’s here!