The New Moon cometh

My free free online New Moon ceremony is here if you would like to tune in.
When Jupiter aligns with Venus, your special star, good things can happen. Sometimes though, these good things don’t come in luxurious gift wrap and offered up on a silver platter. When it comes to what you’ve been offering up for somebody else, this planetary alignment may prompt you to consider what you’ve been offering up too easily, or with too much unreciprocated generosity. As Venus currently tours feisty Aries, you may discover good things happen when you learn to say ‘no.’ Give yourself the opportunity to get back some of that which you give to others.

We are still in the New Moon phase!

The New Moon phases lasts a few days so if you missed your chance to set your intentions for the month ahead, it’s not too late! Our free New Moon kit will help you with that – it’s here.