What's a Moonchild? (Where's Cancer?) - Yasmin Boland
Hi there Gorgeous,

So what’s all this about Moonchildren?

It’s Yasmin here. This month (May 2018) I was lucky enough to interview the very excellent Marc Allen on my Hay House Radio show Weekly Astrology with Yasmin.

I have been a fan of Marc’s ever since I saw this interview in which he explains about creating your own reality in such a genuine way. I highly recommend that you watch it!

It turns out the Marc’s star sign is the sign of the crab, Cancer. But for somewhat obvious reasons, he prefers to call himself a Moonchild, since the sign of Cancer is ruled by the beautiful Moon.

This reminded me of a comment made by my former mentor, the late, great astrologer Jonathan Cainer who once remarked on the irony of the most sensitive sign, Cancerians, having this scary word as their star sign’s name.

Bottom line: Not sure if it will be forever, but for now, I have decided to rename Cancer as Moonchild, at least here on my site.

So if you’re Cancerian and you’re wondering where Cancer went, She’s (for She is a She) has been rechristened MOONCHILD.

Personally, I love it!

So if you’re the star sign formerly known as Cancer, you can click here for your stars!

Yasmin x