Uranus is being triggered a lot in the coming few days, so it’s a good time to remind you of where this crazy planet is for you right now…
Wherever Uranus goes, mayhem and changes follow…Either these changes are going to come all by themselves, OR if there’s something in your life that you really, really want to change, you still have the Stars on your side. Just remember, we can’t change others, we can only change ourselves.
For you, you have the chance to evolve and/or change your social life – moving on from friendships you’ve outgrown and finding a whole new crowd of people who are going to be different from anyone you’ve counted as a friend before. It’s also a time when Gemini’s wishes can – KERPOW. – suddenly come true so careful what you wish for. PLUS chaos in your working life is going to ease up.
Uranus is the planet that can really turn things around – if you need a turnaround or want change in your life, tap into the energies with my Fast Manifesting book (it’s free if you click here!)