The New Moon cometh

The New Moon just took place in the sign of Pisces, which is the last sign of the zodiac. I did a free online ceremony which I have uploaded here if you would like to tune in.
The effects of each New Moon last four weeks, and herald a good time for certain activities. So for something different, here is some info to help you tune into the New Moon.

This New Moon for YOU is all about …

Your communication skills and spending time with your siblings
Moon Meditation: I read, listen and learn-and I breathe deeply when I’m stressed
It’s all about … Your cash and property, talents and assets

Moon Meditation: I believe in myself and what I have to offer and will show that to the world

Top things for you to do while we are still in New Moon phase

* Do a public speaking course
* Read those books you’ve got stacked up
* Take a short trip
* Hang out with your sister or brother
* Study a foreign language
* Really listen to others
* Write those letters you’ve been putting off

Make the most of the monthly New Moon!!

Have you signed up for your free New Moon kit? It’s not too late. It’s life-changing if you use it right – and it’s here.