The New Moon cometh

The New Moon just took place in the sign of Pisces, which is the last sign of the zodiac. I did a free online ceremony which I have uploaded here if you would like to tune in.
The effects of each New Moon last four weeks, and herald a good time for certain activities. So for something different, here is some info to help you tune into the New Moon.

This New Moon for YOU is all about …

Your beloved (past, present or potential)
Moon Meditation: l’ll do what I know I need to do to feel more confident about love

Top things for you to do while we are still in New Moon phase

* Go through your old love letters (and get rid of at least some of them!)
* Try cyber dating if you’re single and feeling brave
* Ask your mum about her ideas on how to make love work
* Recommit to your partner
* Admit you were wrong if you hurt a past lover and apologise
* Make a list of the qualities you look for in a partner
* Play matchmaker for a friend if you’re already attached

Make the most of the monthly New Moon!!

Have you signed up for your free New Moon kit? It’s not too late. It’s life-changing if you use it right – and it’s here.