The New Moon cometh

My free free online New Moon ceremony is here if you would like to tune in.
A seed of creative possibilities your professional sector may have been planted on yesterdays New Moon, filling you with hope and inspiration. It may take some time for signs of growth to become visible, as your ruler Mercury, still retrogrades in your career zone. When in reverse, Mercury is invisible, which is how you may feel in your professional life right now. As frustrating as that may be, it does provide ideal circumstances for you to get to work and do the things that bring your creative vision to life. For now, keep your dreams close, they’ll blossom when they are ready to.

We are still in the New Moon phase!

The New Moon phases lasts a few days so if you missed your chance to set your intentions for the month ahead, it’s not too late! Our free New Moon kit will help you with that – it’s here.