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The last 12 months have not been great in being able to make good on all the opportunities the world has to offer. That said, the weather is changing and the way things have been will not be how they continue. This is both exciting and may be a little sad too. Change is a positive thing, but the opportunity cost of letting in something new, means something has to exit. That’s just they way things work. Today, you may need to give thought to what you need to surrender in order to grow.

Are you Taurus Rising? It’s your lucky month!

This month sees the New Moon taking place in your 11th House which is the House of Wishes. So that means, YOU’RE the Rising Sign eligible for my monthly Written In The Stars workshop. We will – talk you through your chart – look at the energies in your horoscopes over the coming 12 months with a high degree of accuracy – and together we will make some New Moon wishes! Find out more here.