Sagittarius Daily Horoscope – April 9 2020 | Yasmin Boland

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Yesterday we have the Full Moon in the sign of Libra (and I did a ceremony in my back garden which you can watch here for free if you missed it!) We are still in the Full Moon phase and will be for a day or so more… but the Moon hasn’t stopped moving! She is now in the sign of Scorpio – so where is that that means for you!
It’s that time of the month when you can take some time out, take the phone off the hook, pretend you’re not there. The past few days have probably seen you doing lots of socializing, or at least dealing with lots of people a lot of the time. Now as the Moon ends her lunar cycle with her passage through your 12th House, you’re very likely to want to take some time out to contemplate recent events and to mull over you options for the four weeks ahead. If you feel it, do it! The time is very right.

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