Meditation led me to astrology - Yasmin Boland
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I’ve posted this for people who want to know about my journey. Which I don’t expect everyone to be interested in!

Meditation brought me to astrology.

I feel as though this spiritual adventure and journey I am on started with meditation, which I first learned back in the day in London. So many years ago. I called up the local Buddhist centre and found a fellow there who agreed to teach me to meditate for free at a Buddhist centre in Clapham.

He was called Werner, and he had a Germanic accent. He taught me open-eyed meditation.

My next teacher was far more caught up in the capitalist world. She offered up a mash-up of TM, what has become Landmark Education (formerly EST) and lots of other bits and bobs. All amazing. Heart- and mind-opening. She taught me closed-eye meditation.

Then the amazing Thom Knoles taught me TM (which he invited me to do as I was a journalist and I think he thought the more journalists that meditate, the better!)

Meditation opened up my mind and that led me to opening up to astrology.

That in turn lead me to New Moon wishing and through to magick, something I have barely toyed with, even though I know I am either a witch or, as they say, a great great grand-daughter of one of the witches they couldn’t burn.

Talking of witches, you can read about me and that here…

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