Third Quarter Moon in Scorpio

So here we are at the start of a New Year! So what do you want to create for yourself this year? The first step is to get clear about what you want.

I believe that when you start to get clear about what you want, and you start consciously to forgive yourself and others, then you’ll start to become a more magical person. And then whatever you manifest should feel pretty perfect.

If you want to start now, take some time to write down your goals for 2019. Make your commitments now, as we head for the New Moon eclipse.

Want to work with the Moon all year?

From my 2019 Moonology diary, published by Hay House – it “works” the world over get yours here!

Scorpio Cosmic Extras

Top 3 affirmations:

1. ‘I am taken care of materially.’

2. ‘All my financial needs are being met.’

3. ‘My sex life is so wonderfully healthy.’

Essential Oil to use: Myrrh

Mantra: Lam. Chant it out loud or silently!

Chakra: The Sacral chakra, aka Svadhisthana

Angel: Jeremiel, the life reviewer

Goddess: Kali, who liberates us

Heavenly Ray: The 8th ray, which is aquamarine

There’s more information about working with the Cosmic Extras in my book Moonology

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