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The waning cycle of the Moon takes place as the Moon moves from Full  Moon back to New Moon.


It’s an amazing time to release thoughts which are turning your mind upside down!

It’s far too easy to get into negativity and then we start to attract what we don’t want.

So here are 3 top ways to use the Waning Cycle of the Moon to change your thoughts and change your life.


1. Think about what you’re thinking about

That might sound like a lot of hard work or even a bit of a waste of time, but this week, if you pay attention to what’s on your mind, you will see why you are creating life the way you’re creating it.

Everything starts as a thought. Look around the room you’re in right now. Pretty much everything you see started as a thought in someone’s head.

So what are you thinking about? Are you expecting good things or bad things?


2. Focus on what you do want and not on what you don’t want

This is a paraphrasing of a line from the fantastic Abraham-Hicks outfit. If you don’t know them, look them up immediately!

It’s also some of the best advice I’ve ever heard. It’s so easy to go into paroxysms of doubt and fear.

Sometimes we do need to face our fears, after all. But overall come up we are all far better off by thinking about what we do want not about what we don’t want.

After all, “thoughts become things”, as they say.

As the inimitable Oprah Winfrey taught us, the more we praise and celebrate our lives, the more we have to praise and celebrate!


3. Be rigorous about changing the way of thinking

You might sometimes feel as though you don’t have a lot of control over your life will stop maybe you feel like life is happening to you rather than for you. Maybe you feel that other people have all the power.

But guess what? You control your thoughts. No one can force you to think anything. It’s totally up to you to decide what you allow to fill up your brain.

Given this, you really need to train your brain to work for you and not against you.

This week, under the Waning Moon, it really is the perfect time for it.

Whenever we go into the Waning Cycle, it’s a great time to do this mental flip. Note the Waning Cycle starts immediately after the Full Moon has taken place and ends with the New Moon when we move back into the Waxing Cycle (until the Full Moon two weeks later…)


Here are the start dates of the Waning Cycle for the rest of 2021



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