The Mars/Neptune clash has been challenging - Yasmin Boland
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If you’ve spent the past few months feeling confused AF, not sure what someone else is up to, wondering if you’re seeing things clearly or generally just scratching your head and feeling a bit … odd … there is good news.

You have very likely been feeling the three rounds of Mars/Neptune clashes.

If you’ve felt confused or deceived, all this goes double, and if it’s been to do with a man or sex or both, that all goes triple!

The Mars/Neptune clash has been challenging, bringing about confusion, deception, and even delusion.

When these two planets come into clash, they create a tense energy that can cause individuals to act impulsively, without fully considering the consequences of their actions.

Sound like anyone you know?

Mars represents our drive, ambition, and assertiveness, while Neptune represents our ideals, dreams, and spirituality.

Mars is also about men, sex and war. Neptune is also soulmates, poetry and cheating.

When these two energies clash, it can be A. Very. Tricky. Time.

Disappointment and disillusionment rein as reality fails to meet our expectations.

Confusion and clouded judgment are keywords.

Are you getting the picture?

If any of this rings true for you, you’ve been feeling this transit which started back in October and finally peaks today with the third and final clash today at 11.38pm UK time.

After that, will everything be instantly ok and clear?

No. But one step at a time and it will become easier.

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