The 12 stages of personal development | Yasmin Boland

One of the most wonderful things about working with Moonology is that you can use it slowly but surely over the course of a year for self-development and personal growth.

How so?

Think of it like this.

Your horoscope is divided up into 12 sections called houses.

Here is Hay House founder Louise Hay’s chart just as an example.

If you look at the centre of the circle where you see the red lines and then slowly take your eye towards the left, you will see an inner wheel with the numbers 1 to 12 in them, going anti-clockwise.

These twelve sections of your chart are what are called the Houses and they govern multiple different parts of your life.

For example you have two Money Zones (Houses 2 and 8), a Health Zone (6), a Love Zone (7), Career Zone (10), a Communications Zone (3), a Home and Families Zone (4), a Travel Zone (9) and more.

Here’s what all the Houses mean:

1 When the Moon is in your 1st House, work on; your appearance and the way you come across, your social ‘mask’
2 When the Moon is in your 2nd House, work on; cash, property, possessions and self-esteem, values, material wealth, what you value
3 When the Moon is in your 3rd House, work on; communications, siblings and neighbours, trips, transport, your mind
4 When the Moon is in your 4th House, work on; home and family, where you feel you belong, emotional foundations, being settled
5 When the Moon is in your 5th House, work on; romance, creativity and kids, fun, pregnancies, sex, flirting, risk-taking
6 When the Moon is in your 6th House, work on; daily work, health and routines, being of service to others, alternative health, job situation
7 When the Moon is in your 7th House, work on; partnerships (business and personal), one-to-one relationships, marriage, alliances, enemies
8 When the Moon is in your 8th House, work on; birth, death, life’s mysteries, rebirth, renewal, transformation, sex, joint finances
9 When the Moon is in your 9th House, work on; travel, study and the Great Cosmic Quest, broadening the mind, gaining perspective
10 When the Moon is in your 10th House, work on; your ambitions and career – how you make your mark, goals, public life, recognition
11 When the Moon is in your 11th House, work on; friends, social circles, groups and clubs, wishes, spiritual aspirations
12 When the Moon is in your 12th House, work on; self-sabotage, fear, your dreams, your inner self, secrets, self-transcendence, retreats, meditation, connection

What is so magical with Moonology is that you get one New Moon a month, and each New Moon takes place in a different house, going anticlockwise, triggering a new start in a different part of your life.

So you get a New Moon in your 1st house, then a New Moon in your 2nd House, the New Moon in your 3rd house and so on.

So you’re getting a New Moon in your appearance zone (1st House), than a New Moon in your Money Zone (2nd House), the New Moon in your Communications Zone (3rd House), the New Moon in your Family Zone etc.

When you get a New Moon in one part of your chart or another, it’s time for you to start over in that part of your life.

There is and you rush of energy coming in.

You know that if you set some intentions around the part of your chart where the new Moon is taking place, they are more likely to come true.

So the really marvellous and magical thing to do with Moonology is to work on yourself and your life for 12 months.

If you do that, you will have worked on every single part of your life.

Why? Because the houses of your chart literally cover every single part of your life that you can possibly think of.

Of course we are all born perfect, and we are perfect as we are; but there really is no harm in doing what we can to grow as people.

So when the Moon is new in your 2nd house, it’s a great time to work on your self-esteem, for example, which can indirectly boost your finances, or when it’s new in your 8th house, it can be a time for you to be improving your sex life, and so on.

If you love the idea of working with the Moon, join the club!

Working with the Moon has become incredibly popular around the world, especially with women, over the past few years. It’s as though someone has reconnected us to our ability to make magic with the Moon as our guide.

This power is something women have worked with for millennia, but it was lost about 500 years ago, during the so-called Burning Times, which are really a subject for another day.

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