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Taurus Horoscopes

Taurus Daily Horoscope – April 17 2021

Mars is on the move again

Make ye money while ye may! Mars is about to depart your 2nd House of Cash. On the one hand, this is good news, because it means you’re actually about to be a whole lot less likely to be racked by anxiety re money, which has to be a good thing, correct? However, Mars in this part of your chart – where he’s been for the past few weeks – also has its plus points. For one thing, it’s hopefully made you a lot more pro-active about sorting your finances out. As he leaves this Money Zone, try to hang on to some of the motivation and drive you’ve felt recently. Stay switched to “On” when it comes to making the money you need. Remember, abundance is everyone’s right.

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Taurus Weekly Horoscope – April 12 2021

Put it this way; the start of the week is going to be a lot more challenging for you than the end of it. There is something of a power struggle going on as the new week dawns. Your best bet is to behave with as much kindness and integrity as you can muster. Then just let the week unfold. As it does, life overall will get sweeter for you, especially when it comes to love and abundance matters. Power date: April 15

Taurus Monthly Horoscope – April 2021

If you love someone, do you adore them with all your heart or do you follow the old adage and “let them go. If they come back to you they’re yours, and if they don’t they probably never were…”? Love is on your agenda this month as love planet Venus arrives in Taurus. Love with your whole heart. Don’t work too hard. Put your best foot forward in regard to love and experiencing happiness. If it doesn’t work out, know you gave it your best shot. Want to get in tune with the Moon in 2021? Register for our FREE Moon Lite Club here.

Taurus Annual 2019

Want change? It's coming! 2019 is going to be a big year with lots of chances for change and enlightenment. Really! The change-maker planet Uranus will settle into a new home this year and that will affect us all in different ways. Plus we have 5 eclipses to help us...

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