Taurus Daily Horoscope – 23 August 2021 | Yasmin Boland

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As the sun moves into your 5th house, the universe is guiding you and giving you full permission to let go and enjoy yourself! The 5th house is where we have fun, where we house our inner child. This is the area of the chart where your creative side shines. Take this opportunity to indulge in the playful and creative sides of yourself, however they might be showing up to be expressed at this time. Children may even be on your mind. You might feel attracted to having children around you at this time or even to having one yourself! The fifth house invites conception and birth. As the creative house, there is nothing more creative than creating a new life! This house can also facilitate the beginning of new projects and ideas. Romantically, it’s a time for flirtation and exploring fun and romance together. PS We are in the waning cycle of the Moon now … it’s time let it all go! If you love to work with the Moon, subscribe to our free Moon Lite Collective here.