In just over a day’s time, the Moon will reach the end of its cycle and a new cycle will begin. This time is known as the dark time of the Moon, when the night is truly full of hidden surprises and unaided by natural light. Before electric lights, this was the time when secret trysts took place under the cover of darkness. However, it is important to remember that the smallest amount of light will always scatter the shadows. Where will you shine your light today?

The Moon is now moving through your eleventh house, the sector of the chart that rules your group of extended friends such as those on social media. You can easily feel overwhelmed or even invisible if there’s a crowd but today is a day to stand out from everyone else and make your voice heard. Just be sure your message is as clear and as concise as you can make it. What the world needs now are assurances, kind words and patience—a message you can easily deliver with effectiveness.
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