New Moon in Libra - Yasmin Boland

We are at the New Moon phase. This time around, it’s the New Moon in Libra.


New Moon in Libra

So, it’s time to…


There’s new or renewed love energy around you, be it familial, platonic, romantic or otherwise.

Whether you’re single or attached, a new personal or professional relationship cycle is starting for you.

Open your heart and be loving. The trick is to get involved with people you like – or even love (be that on a personal or platonic level). If you want a new friend, you’re on the right track.

For a work or money question, a new start is highly likely. In love, the sky is the limit now, if you react with love!

Manifesting focus

This card is an especially good sign for matters related to a romance, a job interview or any important relationship.

Manifesting mindset

Consider the other person in your situation. What are their needs and worries? Get out and meet new people.

Manifesting tips for calling in love

• Call in Archangel Jophiel, whose beauty who reminds us that beautiful thoughts attract beautiful experiences.
• Call in the energy of the loving and abundant planet Venus, which guides the sign of Libra.
• Imagine your perfect day. What would happen and whom would you be with? Really delve into it. (Note that if you’re manifesting a new relationship, it’s crucial that you never attempt to interfere with anyone else’s free will.)

Your manifestation affirmation

‘Love makes my world go round.’

When to manifest your magic

The best time to work your magic is when the Moon is in Libra, on a Friday (Venus’ day) or during Venus’ hour.

The New Moon in Libra takes place when the Sun and the Moon are on the same degree in Libra. It knows that all good manifesting comes from the heart.

This information is taken from my beautiful Moonology Manifestation cards

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