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Leo Daily Horoscope – 23 September 2023

The turning of the wheel means it’s Libra Season – your celestial guide, the Sun now appears in this air sign, inviting you to focus on engaging those around you, or in your local area. Look to neighbours, siblings or the folk you find yourself among, and consider your approach. Do you need new skills to navigate your environment or the people in it? Give yourself space to figure out your mindset, and sign up for something that puts you centre stage. A quiz night, sports lessons or a new gym membership in your area code could tick the box!
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Leo Weekly Horoscope – 18 September 2023

See if you can carve out some time this week to just stop and smell the flowers. In other words, take a breath and a moment to appreciate the good people and situations in your life. Whatever you do, don’t let money worries spoil your mood. Remember, you’re worth it. Get 7 cosmic secrets to success for free here.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – September 2023

As Venus retrograde in Leo comes to an end, take stock. If you’ve realised that someone or something really matters to you and you haven’t been taking good enough care of them/it, now is the time to change that. If you’ve been pining for a reconciliation which hasn’t happened, it may be time to draw a line under it. Be true to yourself. Avoid soothing your ego. * Being honest with yourself protects you and everyone you care about.

Leo Annual 2019

Want change? It's coming! 2019 is going to be a big year with lots of chances for change and enlightenment. Really! The change-maker planet Uranus will settle into a new home this year and that will affect us all in different ways. Plus we have 5 eclipses to help us...

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