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Leo Daily Horoscope – 20 October 2021

Happy Full Moon day!

A bit of info for all the signs, about the Full Moon from my bestselling Moonology Diary: The first thing to note about this Full Moon is that it’s the first one in the new lunar cycle. So if you want to see what happens in your life when you work with the Full Moon every month, now’s the time to commit. Joining this might help!
While working with the New Moon is fun and amazing, it’s working with the Full Moon and releasing resistance through forgiveness and surrender that truly allows us to consciously create our lives. Why? Because in doing that release work, we become more energetically clear and when that happens, it’s much easier for us to send out our dreams to the Universe.
So release anger and upset and resentment at the Full Moon and you’ll feel good. And when you feel good, you manifest/attract/create good things, consciously or not. These are all things to think about at this Full Moon, which looks like being fiery and perhaps extra emotional.

And what it means for you

The Full Moon brings about tension as the Moon takes the exactly opposite position in the skies to the Sun. The Sun is where our focus has been – for you for the past few weeks, this has been on Your Own Backyard – your neighbourhood, aunts, uncles and sibling, little tasks, quick trips and lots of chats. Now the Full Moon invites you to  shift your focus a little and that you step back and look at The Bigger Picture. If life is a cosmic quest, how are you doing? Do what it takes to expand your mind. PS If you’re thinking about taking up some kind of study or starting to travel, you have heavenly support.  PS I did a free Facebook  and Facebook  ceremony last night for the Full Moon if you want some help with ditching the angst and moving towards manifesting your dream life!

Leo Weekly Horoscope – 18 October 2021

The past few weeks have probably been quite confusing. Maybe you felt like you were talking another language to people at times. Maybe it’s just been harder to get your message across or maybe you just haven’t been sure what to think. Whatever the case, all that eases up now. Want to connect with this week’s Full Moon? Click here.

Leo Monthly Horoscope – October 2021

Communication is the focus this month. Ask yourself how well you’re getting your message across; are you giving mixed signals; could you better express yourself? There is a lot of room for confusion this month but also some chances for you to rephrase something you bungled saying earlier! Confusion starts to ease after October 18. You are an amazing sign and people want to do your bidding – but you have to make your needs clear! * Express your desires! PS Do you love to work with the New and Full Moon? Get 7 great resources to do that in the (free!) Moon Lite Collective.

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