Last Quarter Moon in Libra - Yasmin Boland
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Right now, we are at the Last Quarter Moon phase.

This time around, it’s in the sign of Libra. So it’s time to…

Third Quarter Moon in Libra

Make Time For Self-Love

Have you been trying to please all of the people all of the time when you’re not yet quite happy yourself?

There’s a difference between wanting to live positively and spiritual bypassing, when you refuse to acknowledge your feelings.

You can’t fool the Universe, so pretending to be happy when you’re sad will get you nowhere. Rather, you need to deal with your feelings.

That’s the only way. If you’re people‐pleasing, stop. Think about what’s going on and why you’re doing it. If you’re in an unbalanced relationship, address the situation.

Manifesting mix

While it’s lovely to do things nicely, they also need to be done well. Be sincere.

Manifesting mindset

The way to get in the manifesting zone is to work through all your stuff. Once you’ve done that, you become a clear signal for your desires.

Manifesting magic

These crystals work especially well for the sign of Libra: Pyrite, Blue Kyanite, Green Turquoise, Red Tiger’s Eye, Pink Mangano Calcite or Sunstone.

Choose one and hold it while you meditate, visualizing a pure violet light swirling around you. Alternatively, keep your crystal close by as you work through your situation, or use five or six to make a crystal grid.

Your manifestation affirmation

‘Harmony surrounds me. I am on my path.’

When to manifest your magic

The best time to work your magic is when the Moon is in Libra, on a Friday (Venus’ day) or during Venus’ hour.

The Last Quarter Moon in Libra takes place when the Sun is in Capricorn and the Moon is in Libra. It knows that two great minds are better than one.

Start 2024 clear of emotional debris

As the New Year dawns, it’s the right time for clearing and cleansing. Embracing this transitional time, I’ve recorded a chant to the Goddess Kali, who embodies liberation from negativity.

Goddess Kali’s fierce energy isn’t just about destruction, but about clearing the old, unnecessary, and harmful to make way for fresh starts and new beginnings.

PS You will also get a super simple Kali chanting PDF guide to download when you access this freebie…

Manifest more powerfully!

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