Are you ready to get your New Moon on?…

Balsamic Moon into Pisces.

The Balsamic Moon phase

• And release…

• This phase begins around 10½ days after the Full Moon, and continues to the beginning of the New Moon.

• Keywords of this phase: healing, soothing, surrender

The word ‘balsamic’ comes from the word ‘balsam’, which means ‘anything healing or soothing’. And that’s what this ‘last part’ of the lunar cycle (before the New Moon) is all about. We have moved from hopes and dreams to explosions of potential: to realizations of what can and cannot be, to acceptance and forgiveness and surrender… and now comes the healing and the soothing. If you want to live consciously, in line with the Moon cycles, this is the time to go easy on yourself. Start to think about your dreams again and allow hope to guide and inspire you. Remember that anything is possible. Live gently. B-r-e-a-t-h-e. One of the best ways to work with this cycle is to chant the Sanskrit words Om Namo Narayani, which mean ‘I surrender to the Divine’. The Divine has a plan for us all, and we’re all the Divine made manifest! So surrender now. It’s easier said than done, but by chanting Om Namo Narayani and asking your soul to surrender, it becomes possible. The lunar cycle is ending and it’s really time to let go and move on. It’s also a time for rest and healing. Give yourself a break. Daydream. Dream big. Go wild in your imagination. Smile to yourself. Once again, this is a brilliant time to put a stop to any habits that aren’t good for you. It’s also a time to end relationships that aren’t working for you. If there has been a drama with someone and you want to continue the relationship, this is another wonderful time to release upset.

– From my best-selling book Moonology

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Pisces Cosmic Extras

Top 3 affirmations:

1. ‘It’s okay to say no.’

2. ‘Inner peace is my focus.’

3. I now release my fears.’

Essential Oil to use: Lavender

Mantra: Ah. Chant it out loud or silently

Chakra: The Crown (aka Sahasrara)

Angel: Sandalphon, the intercessor

Goddess: Kuan Yin, Goddess of compassion

There’s more information about working with the Cosmic Extras in my book Moonology

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