Intuition is the best guide... - Yasmin Boland
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Ever had a sense, a deep-down feeling that something was about to occur … and then it did? That’s your intuition, your personal celestial compass, whispering cosmic truths.

It happened to me this week.

Intuition – represented in astrology the Moon –  is our spiritual GPS. It subtly navigates us through life’s crossroads and quandaries. Alas, a good number of us often shelve our intuition or question our inner wisdom, particularly when we stand at the precipice of impactful decisions.

It’s crucial to understand that intuition and instinct, though intertwined, are distinct.

Your immediate, primal reaction to a situation is instinct – a survival tool. However, intuition is more ethereal, a gentle nudge from the universe, often guided by the projection of feelings tethered to a profound knowing.

We all have moments of self-doubt, feeling like we’re faking it when it comes to our intuitive powers.

But intuition grows stronger with use. So, it’s high time we stopped doubting ourselves and started trusting our feelings.

What if I said that the moment you banish self-doubt, you supercharge your cosmic connection and amplify the power of your manifestations? It might sound like a grand, nebulous statement, but it is anchored in the principles of the Law of Attraction, a principle as old as the stars themselves.

The Law of Attraction teaches us that our lives are celestial mirrors, reflecting our focus points. If we foster positive thoughts and emotions, we attract positive experiences, like stardust falling into our hands. Conversely, if we marinate in negative thoughts and emotions, we draw in negative experiences, like drawing a storm cloud over our own heads.

Now, where does intuition fit into this cosmic equation?

When we trust and act on our intuition, we’re sending a radiant signal to the Universe that we’re in harmony with our desires, ready to manifest them. By following our intuition, we’re aligning ourselves with the cosmos, focusing on the positive outcomes we want to manifest, and taking inspired action towards them.

However, when we question our intuition, we’re sending a fragmented signal to the Universe. We’re declaring that we’re not fully in tune with our desires, and we’re not ready to manifest them. This can delay or even obstruct our manifestations from becoming reality.

So, the moment you stop doubting your intuition is the moment you start to supercharge the power of your manifestations. Trust that gentle nudge from the universe, take inspired action, and watch the cosmic magic unfold.

As the Universe responds, you’ll find that it brings you more of what you want and need in your life.

The Moon actually represents intuition in astrology … and once you start to get in touch with the Moon, you will start to see your intuition rising!

Get in tune with the Moon!

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