Do some breathwork this week! - Yasmin Boland


As the week begins, we are in the New Moon cycle.

We’ve just had the New Moon. I hope you came and did the little mini New Moon session I did on Facebook. If you don’t follow me on Facebook, you can easily find me here.

In case you weren’t there, I did draw a card for everybody who watched the ceremony, but I’m going make this card for everybody who listens to this podcast as well.
So the New Moon was very exciting and, and sort of changemaking energy. So unless you’re really digging your heels in, things can start to change for you now.

The card I got was almost perfect.

Take a breath.

It made complete sense because what it’s saying is things are really electric right now so take a breath. Additional meaning of this card include; slow down, being manic won’t help breathe, drop the drama, give a situation time to unfold.

So, you know, whatever you’re going through right now, think of that as an answer to what should I do next?

And by the way, if you do order my Oracle cards before Tuesday this week you’ll get a free workshop; How to use Oracle cards to change your life. A bit like what we’re doing here.

It’s like, okay, the energies are really Electric, but I’m going to listen to this card and just take a breath.

This week we do have some very interesting energies.

On September 19, which is Tuesday and my Moonology Messages publication day!!, we’ve got Sun opposite Neptune.

The sun is all about the focus so we can all expect our focus to be on Neptunian things. And guess what? Neptune includes mysticism, the numinous intuition, which is what my new Moonology Messages cards are all about.

Meditation, chanting, the Divine, sacred connection – a really, really lovely energy for the cards and also for everybody who would like to get in touch with their higher self, their spiritual side, the part of them that knows they’re connected to all life everywhere, the part that knows we are creating our own reality and the part that knows that you know, we dream dreams and, and dreams can become real. Click here to listen to the whole podcast

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