Emotions can run high when the Moon is in Aries – after all, Aries is ruled by the angry war planet Mars.

So be careful if you’re very Moon-tuned and find yourself in the middle of an argument. Take a few deep breaths and remind yourself that the Aries Moon is no excuse to lose your hard-earned cool.

It’s far better to use the Aries energy to Get Things Done. Aries Moon Days are filled with impulsive energy, and it’s easy to feel quite driven. We may as well channel that energy into something constructive, right?

It’s also a time when enthusiasm flows. Try not to take offence too easily today. This is also a seriously good day for meditation, as we all need that extra injection of Zen when the Moon is in Aries.

– From my best-selling book Moonology

What today is good for…

◗ Good for…Racing through the day.

◗ Not so good for…Quiet introspection.

◗ Do… Go faster.

◗ Don’t… Pick a fight.

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Cosmic Extras

Aries Cosmic Extras

Top 3 affirmations:

1. ‘Today is the first day of the rest of my life!’

2. ‘I take pride in my appearance.’

3. ‘I am brave!’

Essential Oil to use: Angelica

Mantra: Ram. Chant it out loud or silently

Chakra: The Solar Plexus, aka Manipura

Angel: Ariel, archangel of divine magic

Goddess: Athena, the warrior goddess and protector

Cosmic Ray: The 1st Ray which is red

There’s more information about working with the Cosmic Extras in my book Moonology

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