What a week ahead!

Are you ready to be the best person you can be, out in the real world and/or at home in lockdown?

Let’s hope so, because it’s the people who are doing their best who are going to get through this week in one piece, thanks to the week’s amazing astrology!

To start with, we get another in the series of Jupiter/Pluto alignments. If you’ve been terrified of the pandemic, see if you can work through that this week. Can you see a positive? Can you see how the first half of 2020 has transformed you? Can you see it’s helped you to get rid of the dead wood in your life? Can you see that it was in some ways to end of old ways of being that no longer serve you and a chance for a sort of rebirth?

That is the perfect symbolism for what’s been going on with the coronavirus. In some ways it’s been a healing crisis for us all and the planet.

As well, this week sees the massive planet Saturn moving back into Capricorn. More about what all this means next week, but overall, it suggests that we all have one more chance to learn the life lessons we need to.

There is also a Full Moon eclipse this week so it’s a turning point week. Truly, this could be a big week for humanity as much as it is for all of us mere mortals. Live consciously! Pay attention to what’s going on in your life, where you’re sloughing off the old so you can show the world the new you. Chances like this don’t come along every day. Make the first half of 2020 count by deciding who you want to be when you emerge.

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