The last three months have offered you a taste of what is to come in terms of your personal priorities and any limitations you may be facing. As your patron planet Saturn slips back into your private 12th house, you’re cosmically invited to go back into your corner, so to speak, to reflect, ponder and regain your strength. The next six months can help you get the strength and fortitude you need to begin a brand-new cycle of personal growth.

Why now is the time to change your life

Eclipses are times when it’s as though portals to a new life open up – and here comes a New Moon ecilpse. Are you ready to move through it? I’m holding an online eclipse Masterclass in which I will help you to use the energies to transform your life. Join me! I’ve giving it away free of charge as a thank you to everyone who pre-orders my Moonology Diary from this page.

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