Aquarius Daily Horoscope – February 3 2020 | Yasmin Boland
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Mercury is changing signs…

Mercury is changing signs today, moving from quirky Aquarius into romantic Pisces. That means something different for everyone – here’s what it means for you!
It’s time to ask yourself again: What do you really value in life? Over the next few weeks, you can expect this question to be raised for you again and again. For some, there will be issues related to “How hard to do I want to work, in order to earn a decent living, versus how much time off do I need to allow myself to have a decent quality of life?” The next few weeks will help you work out your answer. Business plans, especially connected to property, are well-starred now. Certainly you can expect The Bottom Line of something to be front of mind. If you feel you’re not being adequately paid for the work you do, now is the time to talk to the Powers That Be about it. If you feel totally lost by all the financial questions swirling around you now, it’s an excellent time to hire an advisor or accountant.

Let the Moon be your guide…

If you want to feel more ALIGNED, one of the best things you can do is follow the New and Full Moons, setting intentions at the time of the New Moon and releasing resistance at the Full Moon. We help you do that in the (free!) Moon Lite Club.

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