Aquarius Daily Horoscope – 07 May 2022 | Yasmin Boland

What did you sign up for in 2022?

I had a long conversation today (which I recorded as a podcast!) with a lovely astrologer, Cassandra Tyndall, today and we talked about Mercury retrograde which starts on May 10. We discussed how it’s going to be the perfect time to think about goals you set for yourself at the start of the year and where you are with those now. The podcast will be up in a few days and I will link to it then but in the meantime, here is a hopefully timely reminder of the promises of this year…
With demanding karma planet Saturn in your sign throughout 2022, there’s no denying that you are still under pressure in 2022. However, as long as you live in integrity, 2022 will make you stronger – and even richer. Your secret to success? Feeling good about yourself. Do what it takes to boost your self-esteem in a healthy way. Make ditching self-doubt a project. Did you make that list of all that is amazing about you? If not, do it now and keep it in your purse all year. Refer to it as needed.
PS With just 3 days left until the next Mercury retrograde begins, it’s the perfect time to think about how you’re going to use this cycle to your advantage! This freebie will help you with that.