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What are you learning?

As April starts, we are heading straight for a clash between the egocentric Sun and sometimes-nasty Saturn.

So what does this mean? The Sun represents the ego and Saturn is the tedious teacher of the zodiac.

When they clash like this, we can expect dents to our ego, tedious lessons from life, from our elders, from people in authority and even from parents and teachers themselves.

The thing to remember as April begins though is that everything really does happen for a reason. So whatever you’re going through which isn’t exactly to your liking, ask yourself; what am I learning from this?

In a nutshell, pretty much everything we experience on earth which challenges us is exactly that; a challenge. This is never more true than when we experience a challenge from Saturn. So think about what is challenging you and what you’re learning about life, about people, about yourself, as the month begins.

The better you handle the first 10 days of April, the better the rest of the month will pan out. After the clash with Saturn (which will push everyone’s buttons in different ways, depending on their star sign/rising sign) we get a Sun/Pluto clash.

Pluto is the planet of transformation and fury. This clash looks quite brutal however it could also be like the fire which purifies. In other words, whatever the start of the month taught you (Sun/Saturn) is now back in your face and helping you to make changes from the inside out.

The key to working with the Pluto energies, which peak mid-month, is to; breathe, get rid of the dead wood in your life, allow transformation to take place, look for a win/win outcome to your biggest problem.

The second half of the month should be easier…

For one thing, love and money planet Venus is linking to both Pluto and Jupiter after mid-month. This is most certainly an upswing from the start of the month. Even egos that were very bruised earlier in April can start to heal now. Love situations which looked destined for the scrap heap can turn around.

The Venus/Jupiter link is actually a clash but there is really no such thing as a bad Jupiter transit, so the most you might have to worry about is “too much love” or “too many cuddles” or smothering someone with your love, perhaps.

In other words, try to learn the lessons that life is teaching you in the first half of April and you could reap the benefits of that in the form of better relationships and maybe even more cash in the second half of the month.

Also remember we are now only one month into the new seven-year Uranus in Taurus cycle so we are all adjusting to lots of changes. #timetomeditate

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