4 Ways Any Gemini Rising Person Can Create Their Dream Life In One Hour A Month (No More Feeling Confused Or Powerless)


Once a year you get what you could call your lucky new moon. When it happens depends on your rising sign.

This time around, it’s lucky for people who are Gemini Rising. (Find your Rising Sign here).

So what are you meant to do when you get your lucky new moon?

Harnesses it!

That means taking the time to get really clear about what you want and making some wishes which are going to work.

As kids come we go to birthday parties and we talk about blowing out the candles and making a wish and who remembers if they do or don’t come true? Not me!

As result of this process though I think wishes have a bit of a bad reputation. They sound a bit wishy washy – if we can put it like that! But they are so powerful.

This month, if you’re Gemini Rising, then you get your Lucky New Moon – use it!

1. Find out exactly when your lucky New Moon is
2. Make some wishes around that New Moon in a way that’s going to make them come true
3. Keep them top of mind for the whole of the waxing cycle
4. Release them at the Full Moon
If you would like help with doing this, sign up for my Written In The Stars workshop taking place on March 25. In this one-hour workshop we will make wishes, I will teach you about the waxing cycle and the release work you need to do at the Full Moon AND I will also

– give you a guide to the year ahead

– talk you through the most powerful energies of 2020 and how they affect YOU personally

– explain how they are impacting you ins a session which is akin to a personal 1-on-1 reading with an astrologer which would cost you hundreds of pounds.

So if you’re Gemini Rising and you’re ready to start creating your dream life in under one hour a month and without knowing any astrology, click here!

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