Taurus Horoscopes

Taurus daily horoscope – September 19 2018

There are no major alignments today so I am going to give you a reading from my new deck of Moonology oracle cards.
To get the most of the reading, think of or write down your most pressing question. Writing it down is better because you can’t “fudge” the answer later! Remember, if you’re reading this, it’s for YOU. Your message is…
Believe in the impossible.
As the saying goes, some things happen ‘only once in a Blue Moon’. In other words, hardly ever. Drawing this card suggests you’re about to get a rare chance, and that something ‘one-off’ could well be about to happen. This card is a very positive sign if you’ve felt like you’re hoping for too much, or asking too much of the Universe. Whatever you are asking about, well, it might only happen once in a Blue Moon but it can happen! However, with this rare opportunity before you, it’s important that you believe in it. If you convince yourself that whatever you’re asking about can never go in your favour, then guess what? It won’t go in your favour! Be grateful for this card, which is a reminder to believe in your dreams.
“I’m lucky!”
My Moonology oracle cards come out in less than a week – you can pre-order your deck here.

Taurus weekly horoscope – September 17 2018

There are many blessings which will come with having Uranus in your sign; change, excitement, awakenings, for example. However this week, you might encounter one of the challenges; staying cool under pressure. In particular, work dramas look like bearing down on you and testing you to your limits of patience. B-r-e-a-t-h-e. Truth is that your home and family will bring you more happiness than work right now anyway, frankly. So make sure you also invest time in your personal life.

Taurus monthly horoscope – September 2018

Matters of the heart can take up a lot of your time during the first half of the month with Mercury and the Sun in your love sector. Work on being more expressive with your loving feelings, connecting to the people you love, spending time doing the things you love to do or being in the places you love most, and having a strong heart. It can be a good time for creativity too, and you can focus on creative projects and ventures. Venus, your ruler and planet of love, enters your relationship sector midmonth, adding to the focus on love and relationships, and you can get along better with all the people in your life too, personally and professionally. You can be charming, compromising, fair, and balanced in your approach with people.

Being more productive and efficient can become more important later in the month with the Sun and Mercury moving into your work sector, and you can focus on improving your schedule and daily routine so you can get more done, pay closer attention to the details so you’ve got everything covered, and get more organized so you’re not losing focus. Tackle the tasks and chores that you’ve been putting off, and get them out of the way while you have the time and energy.

Mars moves back into your goals sector midmonth, and you can find energy and drive again to pursue your goals and work hard for what you want. You can be better disciplined and focused, and feel more ambitious, whether you’re studying or working. This can be a great time to hit your stride, make progress, and experience a little success, especially with anything that may’ve had to be put on hold in the last few months. Pick it back up and run with it, if you’re feeling the pull again, and see how far you can take it.

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