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More about Uranus!

My broadest brushstroke thoughts about Uranus into Taurus and what it means…

The most obvious thing I think we can all predict with the move of Uranus into Taurus in mid-May is a shake-up in the money market, especially but not only where cryptocurrencies are concerned. But there is more to it than that. For one thing, Uranus is the Great Awakener so it’s very likely that there will be changes that run very deep about money, as more and more people realise they have been living their lives somehow trapped by dark, controlling governments (Pluto in Capricorn). There is a rebellion building. There are changes in values. Digital ventures are going to become more lucrative. If you can put it online, you can monetise it. (Astrology online is going to explode even more.) Online dating will too, even more as people are liberated from any shame around it. Working for yourself will become even more normal too. Expect also, more massive #metoo style developments. Women’s roles are still changing radically, think Women’s Liberation For The New Millennium. Interesting times!

And here’s what it means for your sign in a nutshell:

Your whole life is up for change! With Uranus in your sign, it’s inevitable, so look at where it’s needed most and go for it! Do things YOUR way as much as you possibly can. Digital ventures will better work for you than most.

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