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If you’re feeling confused…

This week brings the first of four rolling connections between the planet of plenty, Jupiter, and the planet of confusion, Neptune. In fact, Neptune governs everything from dreams and deception to poetry and addiction. It’s the planet of altered states and sometimes its energy is uplifting and sometimes it’s downright befuddling. Picture yourself surrounded by Neptune’s blue mist. You can’t see two feet in front of you. It’s beautiful but strange. That’s this Jupiter/Neptune link.
So if you’re feeling confused, now you know why.

Let life unfurl…

There is one sure way to work with the Jupiter/Neptune combinations this year; cruise. When you feel unsure, let life unfurl a little.
The four Jupiter/Neptune alignments take place in January, June, September and December. They are actually interspersed with Saturn/Neptune alignments which are a whole other story and bring all the positives of Neptune into play.
Use the energies this week to think about what you want in life. And if you’re not sure, that’s ok. Use the mantra “I am where I am, and it’s ok”. See your daily and weekly stats for more info about how this is all going to affect you.

Eclipses ahead..…

We are in the week between the eclipses, too, which is also mega. Overall the other planetary alignments this week are positive.
Because of the strong influence of the Jupiter/Neptune clash, use this week to just be, to drift, to feel your way through. When it comes to manifesting your dreams, follow your gut. One thing I have realised lately is that when I want something, if I get a really panicky feeling about it in my gut, it’s not a sign to try harder to get it, it’s a sign to release it and see what happens.
Sometimes we just have to surrender and this waxing cycle as we head for next week’s Full Moon eclipse in Leo is an ideal time to do that. If life is as clear as mud right now, chant “I surrender to the Divine!” or the Sanskrit version “Om Namo Narayani”. Say it with feeling!

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