Third Quarter Moon into Virgo: Okay, so maybe it’s time to settle down a little after two and a bit days of the Leo madness. The Virgo Moon puts on its monocle, makes sure all the things on its desk are present and correct, and starts to do whatever it has to in order to keep life ticking over as it’s meant to.

The Virgo Moon is a wonderful day to take stock, crunch the numbers and get a pretty good idea of where you are in life. Where would you like to operate more efficiently? Or generally function better? A Virgo Moon Day is ideal for starting that up.

It’s also a very good day to have a think about your diet and general health regimes. If you feel you need treatment of some kind for an ailment, complementary medicine is a good place to start (but do see a GP if pain persists).

◗ Good for… Releasing addictions, getting your life in order, creating new routines.
◗ Not so good for… Going wild, being reckless, or doing other stupid stuff (although kinkiness with your beloved can work).
◗ Do… Be helpful.
◗ Don’t… Be too critical.

As you might have noticed…

We are moving towards the Full Moon so it’s time to start to deal with all the EMOTIONS coming up. Get access to my Full Moon meditation, forgiveness kit and worksheet when you sign up for the (free) Moon Lite Club here.