Thought I would share a little story with you about my upcoming talk at Hay House Ignite today.

As you all know, of course, I am hugely into manifesting. Why, you might ask? Why don’t I just go with the flow and see what the Universe gives me?

Well, I guess it goes back to me when I was about 14 and I read the Bible. (Alert! I am not about to turn into a Bible basher! However as a part of my spiritual path, I did read the Bible when I was a teen, just to see what it was all about…)

Anyway I got to this bit in Mark’s chapter 11 where it says “you can ask for anything, and if you believe you have it, it’s yours”.

Which is basically what the law of attraction states. It’s what people like Abraham-Hicks and films like The Secret have taught us for years. Believe you have it and it’s yours.
Anyway so that’s the bit about why I think it’s ok to ask the Universe for what I want.

But let me go one step further. There is a school of thought which teaches that not only is it ok for us to ask for things, to consciously create our lives, there is a school of thought which teachers that we are HERE to do that. That the earth is a school of manifestation and we are here to learn HOW to consciously create our lives.

So that’s where I come from all this. And remember, I work with the lunar cycle which is all about intention and surrender, intention and surrender. There is no forcing, there is no demanding and there is no manipulating. It’s about putting it out there at the right time and then offering it to the Divine.

So this is the context for how it is that I am going to be stepping onto the stage at the Hay House Ignite event later today.

About 18 months ago, I decided that one of my dearest wishes was to do exactly that. I had been a Hay House author for a while and my book Moonology was selling well. I had got up at I Can Do It in the USA a year earlier and absolutely loved it. That was just a five minute slot that I did as a part of Doreen Virtue’s appearance on the day. It was in front of about 4000 people and afterwards, I signed books and talked to people for about 3 hours. I loved it. I have always loved meeting people and I loved that day at I Can Do It.

But how on earth was I going to get my OWN slot at an I Can Do It? As you might know, there are bazillions of Hay House authors, including many of them in the USA … it’s not really something that gets spoken about, but you have to be pretty lucky to be asked to do I Can Do It or Ignite because of course, most people want to do it!

So I decided to use my manifesting skills. Here’s what I did – you can use these methods for ANYTHING you want to manifest.

On the night of the New Moon, I sat down for wrote my New Moon wishes as I always do. But this time, I decided to put extra energy into my desire to be a speaker at a Hay House event. So I included it on my list, and I visualised it as usual but I also did something else. I started a sort of “campaign” – very quietly, at night, in my bedroom. I actually unearthed a self-hypnosis recording (affiliate link) I had been given a few years earlier and I started listening it it, every night, from the New Moon onward.

The recording went something like this … “I want you to imagine something you are trying to achieve…”

And off I went. I would imagine myself — exactly where I am going to be this afternoon! Giving a talk on stage at Ignite.

Now as often happens with manifesting, it didn’t just happen overnight. In fact, what did happen is that I started to get invited to do more talks. Those of you reading this in the UK will know about the amazing team at Alternatives > I started being asked to do talks there, I was asked to speak at the Mind Body Spirit festival in Birmingham, I went to an event in Cheltenham, I went to one in Totnes, I even did one in Australia, I was invited to speak in the Netherlands, in New York City and even did a sold out workshop in Los Angeles. But still no Hay House!

So did I give up? Of course not! I just kept visualising and dreaming and wishing and intending. I would listen to it as I went to sleep and then I guess I would dream about it.

For that reason I can probably call it a dream come true with complete accuracy!

And that’s it. That’s the secret. I started at the New Moon, I surrendered it at the Full Moon and finally, 18 months later, here I am!

So that is the message I am going to give today when I get up on the stage… THIS. STUFF. WORKS.

If you want to manifest something in your life, you need to set the intention, focus on it, believe it, feel it in your body, feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled … and then surrender it.

I am writing this at 7.25am and I believe there are still a few tickets left for anyone who wants to come and see me and my fellow speakers at Ignite – I will be in amazing company alongside Mel Wells, Jessica Huie and others.

But if you can’t make it, don’t worry. Keep watching this space and I will go into more details about manifesting over the coming days and weeks as I always do.

This. Stuff. Works.

Last minute tickets (if still available)