If you only read one of these columns this year (though that would be a shame! Sub up for reminders at moonmessages.com/weeklynews) it’s great you’re reading this one.

The coming seven days promise some of the most exciting astrological action of the entire year. Moreover, if you’re into manifesting, it’s actually an amazingly ideal time to do just that!

So what’s happening?

Firstly, the planet of chaos and change, liberation and rebellion, awakenings and curve balls, aka Uranus, is changing signs and moving from Aries into Taurus. A few things to mention about this.

Uranus only changes signs about every seven years and thus takes around 84 years to move all the way around the 12 signs of the zodiac. Therefore Uranus hasn’t been in Taurus for any real length of time since 1941.

That said, if you’re a regular reader you will know that Uranus already moved into and then retrograded out of Taurus last year. This time, though, it’s fair more permanent. Uranus will stay in Taurus and go through all 30 degrees of the sign between now and 2026.

Every sign will be affected in a different way – details are in my weekly stars. If you know your rising sign, more than ever, this is the week to read that sign as well as it will give you a better idea of how this Uranus transit is going to play out.

The other kind of amazing thing about the move of Uranus into Taurus is that just a few hours afterwards, we get the New Moon, in the sign of Pisces, which harmonises with Taurus. So positive change is forecast for us all, wherever Uranus and the New Moon is hitting our chart.

No matter what you want to manifest, tune into the New Moon and you’ll also catch the Uranus energies. To do that, just set aside time on the night of the March New Moon (times around the world are here moonmessages.com/moontimes) and make up to 10 wishes. Focus on what you would like to change in your life.