It’s kind of a mixed bag this week.

Remember, last week we had the New Moon eclipse in the sign of Moonchild aka Cancer. So if you’re feeling a little bit crazy right now, that’s why. We are in the eclipse season!

Meanwhile, next week will bring the Full Moon eclipse.

I often say I find Full Moon eclipses to be a more challenging than New Moon eclipses. That’s because Full Moon eclipse time is all-change time.

So while the New Moon eclipse last week was about exciting new beginnings, now we are moving towards a time where we’ll have to decide what is and isn’t working for us, make some decisions, and in some cases, actually move on from someone or something.

However that’s all next week. What’s really important this week is that we have some pretty intense planetary action to deal with.

Today and tomorrow we will all be feeling Venus, the planet of love and abundance. When Venus is in good shape, so are our hearts and our bank balances! However this week she is clashing with the planetoid Chiron , so there could be some people feeling the romantic pinch this week, or perhaps a financial pinch.

Happily not long after the clash with Chiron, Venus connects harmoniously with the planet of revolution, sudden change and radical reversals, Uranus, In other words, what happens that’s so upsetting one minute, could turn around before too long.

Another big alignment this week is between the Sun and Saturn – it’s another clash.

Again, there’s not a lot of good things to say about this! The Sun is our ego and Saturn is the mean old headmaster who points his finger at us, lectures us, and then reps our knuckles with his ruler. So if you feel like someone is telling you what to do this week, they are probably being Saturn to your Sun.

All this activity adds up to lots of very important lessons being learned at the moment. Which is exactly how it should be at this time of the year , in eclipse season. Try not to fight whatever you’re learning. The more you fight, the more painful it’s going to be. The more you can take your lessons on the chin now, the easier the eclipse next week is going to be.

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