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Aries daily horoscope – November 16 2018

Venus retrograde ends today! So Venus is now moving forwards again in your chart. Here’s where…
Venus is now moving through your seventh house of love. As you might expect, having the Planet Of Love in your Love Zone is pretty good news for you on the relationship front. As Venus passes through this part of your chart, you can expect to be easier to get along with, plain and simple, and that alone will instantly sweeten all your friendships and relationships. Added to this the astro-fact that Venus here also means it’s easier to express yourself and your warmest feelings to others, and you start to get an idea of your pulling power over the next four weeks. Singles should get out and mingle, while happy couples should lap up the Happy Couples vibes. Unhappy couples find themselves focusing on their love life now – look for a way to come to a gently accord with each other. And beyond romance, all partnerships of all descriptions are favored under these astro conditions, including business partnerships. You are a Peace Maker Extraordinaire right now – don’t be afraid to use your skills as and when you need to, for yourself and for others.
Speaking of Venus and love, there’s a link to a free love chart based on your time, date and place of birth here.

Aries weekly horoscope – November 12 2018

The great news for you this week is that the planet of love, Venus, who has been reversing in your Love Zone, is finally going to start to move forwards again. If you’re attached, you and your partner should start to re-feel the love. Single? Someone from the past is still a possibility. Hopefully the retrograde cycle gave you a chance to work out what really matters. So now you now, you need to act on it. Nice surprises can follow.

Aries monthly horoscope – November 2018

Your ruler Mars spends the first half of the month looking after your friendships and possibly pricking your social conscience. Heated debates could arise from this, or you will start to feel like you want to rail against the machine, the system or your family. You may evens sign up to protest something, or express your unease or discomfort on the canvas that is your body! A tattoo or piercing, perhaps?

November 9 is when sexy Mars gets together with the love planet, Venus – this is fabulous news for all your relationships, or for reviving passion if it’s been flagging, by recapturing what you once had. Alternatively, a new attraction could be ratcheted up a few notches.

Midmonth brings a bit of turbulence from out of the leftfield, seguing into a quieter second half of the month. You might have switched from thinking of yourself as someone’s wife, husband, girlfriend, boyfriend, friend or lover, to thinking more singularly.

Mercury, like Venus, will also be retrograde after November 17, and this might cause a few more delays if you’re travelling so please make sure that your Kindle is charged.

This cosmic pain in the bottom is mitigated slightly by the fact that Venus goes forward at around the same time, and so loved ones start making sense at last or explaining themselves more fulsomely, or you suddenly see that someone did if for what they thought were the right reasons at the time.

Secrets could be told to you as November winds down, or you might decide to go it alone, and you have a reserve of inner strength that you can always call upon for this. But also remember that you have a support network if you need one.

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