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Aries daily horoscope – July 20 2018

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Your daily Moonscope, with love …

Daily Moon in your 8th House >>> If you were ever to schedule in a time to have sex with your partner, then the day when the Moon is in their 8th House, or yours, is a very good choice. Admittedly, this would mean you only have sex twice a month at most, but if you’re at the stage of scheduling it in, then twice a month is better than nothing, right? The 8th House is a mysterious place and sex sits well here. The Moon through your 7th House hopefully brought you closer together, and now the Moon here allows you to go deeper with each other. Doesn’t sound likely? This part of your chart is also about shared finances. In other words, where your money meets someone else’s – such as in a salary, a loan or a debt. Issues related to these areas can come up now. Top tip: stay calm and deal with it. It’s also a good day to do deep inner work on yourself.

Advance Moon Manifesting …

It’s ideal to set your intentions just after the New Moon but any time in the waxing cycle is a good time to tune into how the New Moon is affecting you – all the info is here

Aries weekly horoscope – July 16 2018

If you’re wondering how you’re going to pay for all the changes you’re making on the domestic front, here’s a tip; keep visualising what you want to achieve and then – crucially – put in the work needed to make it happen. It’s the way to actually get results. Believe in your power to consciously create. Remember, you have lucky Jupiter in one of your Money Boxes for a few months to come yet. It only happens like this every 12 years.

Aries monthly horoscope – July 1 2018

You might have to spend a lot of energy building bridges of trust with others this month. At the same time, you will probably need to keep a strong dose of faith in yourself and your abilities while also re-connecting to what (or who) inspires you.

This probably will be harder to figure out at the top of the month. Your sign’s planetary ruler, take-charge Mars, kicks off the month in retrograde. When a planet retrogrades, it’s time to reflect, regroup and re-orient key efforts. Mars is in the sector of your chart that can help you figure out how to collaborate better in groups or get work done with friends. If there’s a friendship that needs mending, it’s a good time to figure out what “hatchets” must be buried or unearthed to keep the friendship alive and thriving.

Charity work that emphasizes giving without any self-interested motives can also be very rewarding and uplifting now. This is particularly true when generous Jupiter moves out of his retrograde on the 11th. Keep an open heart and spirit. Your openness will allow the universe to stay open and receptive to you.

The full moon eclipse on the 13th will pull you toward a balancing act between sticking to security versus getting out of your comfort zone. What’s it to be?

Remember that not everything that appears to move backward is doing that in July. Sometimes things have to cycle through to recalibrate. That’s likely what’s happening with your goals and intentions for your aspirations. You probably have to give more attention to details. Or change up your routines. Light-hearted Venus will likely help when she moves into your routine and daily life sector on the 10th too.

If you’re honest about your needs and expectations, then you might find it easier to gather support and inspiration when Venus faces off against dreamy Neptune on the 25th. Then the fiery Leo solar eclipse on the 27th will likely push you more toward expressing what rings truest in your heart.

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