Aries Horoscopes

Aries daily horoscope – February 22 2019

It’s time for you to do a quick check; is your mind open to new ideas? Are you up for new adventures? Are you looking on the bright side? if not, then it’s time you did. Life is all about evolving and right now you have excellent stars for taking your life in a new and more exciting direction, however you have to step back and see how far you’ve come, and pat yourself on the back, to start to good juju flowing.

Last day to release your emotional rubbish

Today is the last full day of the Full Moon for this month. If you want to use the energies, this is the day to sign up to fill out the Top 5 Full Moon in Virgo Questions and Full Moon Forgiveness Kit – both are available free in the Moon Lite Club.

Aries weekly horoscope – February 18 2019

How this week goes depends a lot on where you work and how you feel about the people you work with. There is a large chunk of energy in the part of you and your chart to do with your ambitions. What do you want to do professionally? This is the time to put it out there. You’re actually likely to feel stretched this week. Decent sleep is key! You’re oh-so close to the end of a super tumultuous long, cycle.Connect with the Full Moon via this free kit

Aries monthly horoscope – February 2019

You really do need to expect the unexpected as shocking planet Uranus completes his tour of duty in your sign between now and May. If you have a bad temper, own up to it and work on it this month. Learning to recognise your triggers is a very first step. At work, you could strike a lucrative and long-term deal.

Aries Annual 2019

Want change? It's coming! 2019 is going to be a big year with lots of chances for change and enlightenment. Really! The change-maker planet Uranus will settle into a new home this year and that will affect us all in different ways. Plus we have 5 eclipses to help us...

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