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Aries daily horoscope – May 24 2018

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The Moon is in your 7th house…

Love and romance (oh, and enemies!) are the focus on the days when the Daily Moon is in your 7th House. It’s time for you to connect with important other people, one on one. Talk to them, find out what they want, who they really are, and let them see the real you. When the Moon is here, it’s all about relating. This includes romantic relationships, so if you’re married or attached, the Moon can bring up an issue that requires you to slow down and really see each other (something that’s all too easy to avoid doing in this busy world). Feel the love, if it’s there. If you’re single, it’s a great day to turn your mind to a possible new relationship, or to meet someone. The 7th House can also be about non-romantic partnerships such as a business relationship. It’s a good day to shore up professional relationships.

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Aries Weekly horoscope – May 21 2018

This is the time for you to dream big dreams when it comes to money. You are actually in a very good financial cycle. If you haven’t started to make more cash yet, then stay optimistic and go on whatever adventures that you need to, to boost your bank account. (Of course, if you would rather not make extra cash, that is fine too, in which case this week can still be a big boon, spiritually-speaking, for you and all Aries.)

Aries Monthly Horoscope May 2018

Major change is predicted for everyone this month, as madcap Uranus changes sign. For you, it’s turning your finances on their head. Forget about the past. Do things your way, and you could be on track to make your fortune (especially but not only if you work in the digital arena). Financial independence is beckoning if you believe in yourself.

Source: Aries Monthly