The Moon moves into Virgo today – your forecast explains what that means for YOU. The thing is that as the Moon goes around the skies, and through all the 12 signs of the zodiac, She triggers your chart and brings certain issues to the fore… So here’s what to expect in the coming two and a bit days…
According to certain members of the medical profession, our minds do rule our bodies, as the New Agers would have us believe. My own beloved, dearly-departed Dad (RIP) was a wonderful and very straight-laced psychiatrist who really thought a lot of my more “out there” ideas were, well, out there! But even he agreed strongly that a stressed mind leads to a stressed body and disease (aka dis-ease). If you’re too stressed, take a moment today to acknowledge that and to think about what you can do for yourself on a daily basis (including re diet) to improve matters.
The Moon is growing to fullness! Work with Her via our (free!) Moon Lite Club here.