Aquarius Horoscopes

Aquarius daily horoscope – November 16 2018

Venus retrograde ends today! So Venus is now moving forwards again in your chart. Here’s where…
Venus is now moving through your ninth house of study, travel and adventure. If you’re about to head off into the wild blue yonder on an adventure, you really do have the stars on your side. Expect excitement, fun and plenty of excellent memories to come home with. If you’re going with a lover, it could be an extremely romantic getaway which teaches you both about each other. If you’re off somewhere as a single and you’re open to meeting someone, that could be exactly what happens. If you’re not going anywhere during this cycle, all is far from lost. Singles could find themselves drawn to someone from out of town now, while couples have a chance to step back from their relationship for a moment, to see the Big Picture of where you’re going and what you’re doing. Be grateful for what you have. The part of your chart being stimulated by Venus is also the part of your chart which broadens your mind. Love, romance, adventure, study and self-improvement will all do that for you, now and over the next four weeks. Foreigners and people recently returned from out of town or overseas should also hold extra interest.
Speaking of Venus and love, there’s a link to a free love chart based on your time, date and place of birth here.

Aquarius weekly horoscope – November 12 2018

Just as the riches planet starts to move forwards again, her partner Mars moves into your Money Zone. It’s looking very good for you financially, especially if you have to ask someone for money they owe you now. You should also find that you’re feeling more courageous when it comes to money matters. Attitude really is everything when it comes to attracting money. First behave in a way that merits cash and then you have to believe that you’re worth it.

Aquarius monthly horoscope – November 2018

You might be full of confidence and energy with Mars in Aquarius until November 15. Use the first two weeks of the month to put plans in motion, or make a bold decision for your future. Delays or insecurities from earlier in the year are well behind you and you can confidently look forward.

An exciting opportunity relating to school, college or work-related study may arrive when Mars and Uranus work together on November 14 – 15. You might decide to change direction in your studies or training, or hear of a work-related course that would be worth doing. Learning more about technology will also be helpful this month. Get on your computer! The longer trend of Uranus in Aries can help you get better at speaking your truth and being honest about what you’re interested in.

Plans relating to travel with family, friends or solo, especially if you have an exciting trip in mind, can come together in the second half of the month. With Venus moving forwards in Libra from November 15, you might finally be able to reschedule a missed trip, or realise you’re overdue for a getaway. Time away, especially with your friends, can lift your spirits and remind you of what makes life exciting.

One of 2018’s major energy shifts happens on November 8, when lucky Jupiter begins a 12 month long tour of Sagittarius. This brings you a protective influence, like a cosmic fairy godmother, to help you make a dream come true. Friendships may become more important, or you may make a new connection with someone who thinks the way you do. You’re ready to expand and grow all your social networks, both in person and online. Make the effort to mingle and meet new people.

Details about social plans might be hazy or there might be a misunderstanding with a friend when Mercury begins to retrograde on November 16. Be patient and double check important info then.

Aquarius Annual 2018

Prepare yourself for a big year! There are eclipses in your sign and your Love Zone in 2018 which means the coming 12 months are going to be memorable, to say the least, and hopefully for all the right reasons. The year kicks off with a Full Moon eclipse in your Love...

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