Aquarius Horoscopes

Aquarius daily horoscope – July 20 2018

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Your daily Moonscope, with love …

Daily Moon in your 10th House >>> What are your ambitions? What can you feasibly achieve right now and what do you hope to accomplish in the future? As the Moon moves through your 10th House, it’s time to turn your mind to how you feel about your brilliant career. If it’s going well, it can go even better at this time. There could even be some kind of recognition coming your way. If your professional life isn’t going too well right now though, the Moon in your 10th House is likely to bring up issues and emotions that you’ll just have to face up to, if you want to live consciously and move towards your dreams. You may also have to deal with authority figures right now, or perhaps you’re the one who is the ‘superior’. If so, be nice! Sometimes what comes up is the chance to make your mark on the world. Or at least a hint about how to do that. Pay attention.

Advance Moon Manifesting …

It’s ideal to set your intentions just after the New Moon but any time in the waxing cycle is a good time to tune into how the New Moon is affecting you – all the info is here

Aquarius weekly horoscope – July 16 2018

So here we are in the week leading up to the Full Moon eclipse in your sign. This is big. It’s a major chance for you to make some magic in your life. Don’t cling on to the past for the wrong reasons or you will get stuck there. The eclipse is all about letting go and moving forwards. It’s the last eclipse of 2018 too. Decide what you want and take action. Change is extra possible for you now.

Aquarius monthly horoscope – July 1 2018

We’re in Eclipse season – a time when life accelerates. There are no short cuts to success, but if you are focused, you could get on the fast track.

Venus (currently in Leo) enters Virgo on July 9th followed by Jupiter’s direct station in Scorpio on July 10th and a powerful Solar Eclipse on July 13th. All this heavenly action suggest the tides are turning offering you a new start, so life flows a lot smoother for you.

With Mars reversing in your sign, pace yourself; you can’t push the river. Take care of your health – mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual. Professionally too there are huge opportunities arising and a situation is evolving.

Hopefully you’re realizing your power to make choices that align with your values and highest goals. Acknowledge how your goals have changed and consciously release emotional and mental baggage that prevents you from reaching for your dreams, or drains your wellbeing.

You’re not the same person you were a few weeks or even a few months or years ago. You’re getting to know who you really are. Be honest about what you want, and be motivated by passion rather than fear. Then you can choose and create your life consciously. This applies no matter how old or young you are!

A Full Moon and Total Solar Eclipse on July 28th in Aquarius with the Sun in Leo, is putting you in the spotlight – bringing you important revelations in light of your relationships; making you aware of, and revealing hidden desires you perhaps didn’t know you had.

As passionately as you might feel, the more detached you can be, you can find a balance with others, and attract what or whom you most desire to you.

A dream you have for your life is also the Universe’s dream for you. Share your success and good fortune with the world generously.

Motto for the month; It’s in giving that I will receive.

Aquarius Annual 2018

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