Your emotions are creating your life - Yasmin Boland
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Something which I know to be true, is that your emotions are creating your life.

Because like attracts like.

It’s not about pretending to be happy or pretending to be sad or saying affirmations like, “I’m so happy” when your world is falling apart or anything like that. It’s about starting to work on who you are and how you feel deep down. 


Moonology has everything you need to help you to start to work with your emotions.

Your emotions create your reality and the Moon is all about emotions. One thing you can do is look at your Moon sign and find out where the Moon was when you were born. That is going to tell you how you are emotionally. If you want to see the chart for your partner or your kid or your best friend, you can also look at their Moon sign and that will tell you tons about who they are emotionally.

Even just knowing their Moon sign will tell you tons. If someone is a Virgo Moon, they’re going to be very different to someone who is a Leo Moon for example. The Moon is a lot about what we need but it’s also about emotions.


Knowing your Moon sign will also help you to understand how you emotionally regulate.

For example, if you don’t know your Moon sign and you would like to you can get a free Moon Sign Report, you can get your whole birth chart > FREE BIRTH CHART. There’s another thing as well, it’s really important to know what the Moon is doing at any point. It’s not just about where the Moon was at the moment that you were born, it’s also about knowing what phase the Moon is in.


There are nine main phases

There’s the New Moon, the two Quarter Moons, the Crescent Moon, the Waning Crescent Moon, the Waxing Crescent Moon, the Dark Moon and the Disseminating Moon… I’m not going to list them all here but knowing where the phase of the Moon is will also help you to understand where you are likely to be emotionally. For example we all know that the Full Moon tends to be a very intense time emotionally. Like I said, the Moon is about emotions – so when emotions swell, so do our feelings.


I’ve got this fantastic Moonology Calendar on my desk

How am I meant to know when what Moon phase we’re in? Well I do actually have some products for that – my Moonology diary for next year and my Moonology desk calendar. Let’s focus on the desk calendar – you get a daily message with information about which sign the Moon is in.



You get a little section about the Moon phase, so you can start to track it. For example, if it’s three days until the Full Moon, I can expect my emotions to start surging. Or, if it’s the day before the New Moon, which means it’s the Dark Moon so I’m going to be little bit more feeling – traumatized by any little thing that happens to me. But also looking at the sign that the Moon is in.


You have all of the New Moons and Full Moons

We actually give times around the world for LA, New York, London and Sydney, plus the sign that the Moon is in. For example, if the Moon is in Aquarius and when it changes signs to the Moon into Scorpio, we all know that this Moon in Scorpio is quite intense so we can expect quite intense emotions around us that day. If you understand Astrology you can go one step further or even if you just download that free chart I mentioned GET YOUR FREE CHART  will actually tell you which part of your chart Scorpio and you can find out in which part of your chart that this Moon is triggering.


Learn more about the Moonology Diary 2024 and Desk Calendar 2024

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