We are now in the thick of Mercury retrograde and it’s all about our FEELINGS. Have you noticed?

That’s because Mercury is retrograde in the sign of Scorpio which, feels ALL its feelings.

So try to go through this retrograde consciously and intentionally.

Which feelings do you need to work through? I wrote a blog earlier this week about how the SHADOW is coming up for many of us now – you can read that here.

And as you might know, I wrote a WHOLE BOOK about Mercury retrograde (not just this one – all of them ever!) which if you buy it from the link below, comes with some great free bonuses to aid and abet your astrological forays.

It will tell you exactly where Mercury is retrograde for you, there’s a beautiful and powerful meditation and more… but only when you buy the book from www.mercuryretrogradebook.com

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