A few people have written to me to ask when the up-coming retrograde is …

The short answer is it runs from October 31 to November 20.
That is the time from when Mercury turns around and goes retrograde to the time it stops in its tracks and starts moving forwards again, back over the degrees of the zodiac which it just reversed over.

The start and the end of the cycle are strongest, too, so expect to feel the most mayhem at the start and end of this cycle.

However if you take into account the “shadow” period of the retrograde, which personally I always would, it runs from NOW to December 8.

What’s the shadow period?

From my new book The Mercury Retrograde Book >

Shadow phases…

The periods just before Mercury goes retrograde and just after it goes ‘direct’ again (in other words, the retrograde cycle ends), are known as the shadow phases.

The pre‑shadow phase (which we are in NOW) – before Mercury goes retrograde – gives you the chance to prepare for its effects.

This isn’t an ideal time to make decisions and it’s a good idea to be as flexible as you can.

The post‑shadow phase (sometimes called the ‘echo’) – after the retrograde – allows you to process its effects. It’s a good idea to tread cautiously and wait before putting new plans into action.

These shadow phases mean that the effects of Mercury retrograde go on for much longer than the time it’s actually retrograde.

The most frustrating time is often when Mercury is about to turn retrograde or direct – when it ‘stations’. This is a period of stillness and reflection, so it’s not the best time to make plans.

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