What about this Saturn / Uranus square? - Yasmin Boland
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One of the big things happening in 2021 astrologically speaking is the series of three clashes between mega planets Saturn and Uranus.

And June 14 brings one of them.

Saturn, currently in Aquarius, and Uranus, currently in Taurus, have very opposing energies…

Traditional Saturn likes to resists change whereas Uranus seeks to smash down the old to make way for the new.

Think tradition versus rebellion..

The Saturn / Uranus square will hit three times in 2021 — on February 17, June 14 and December 24. After that, we won’t get another one until 2043.

The clash they’re having this year occurs every 20 or so years.

To go a little deeper; Saturn is the planet of hard work and karma. He’s demanding the best of you in 2021, as he always does, so make your aim true. Uranus is the planet of change and revolution, of breaking free and awakening.

Their clash will bring up issues where you are feeling DOWNTRODDEN and where you know you need to BREAK FREE.

Where do you feel restricted and want liberation. That’s where this is triggering you. Embrace!

The less you resist the changes that 2021 is pointing you towards, the easier, better and more exciting the year (and your future) can be.

If you’re feeling trapped, well, welcome to 2021!

In fact Saturn / Uranus is all about wanting to break free from anything that is cramping our style.

On a macro level, here in the UK come up we have been told for months that June 21 would bring the so called Freedom Day when all Covid-19 restrictions could be dropped. Now as that date approaches we’re being told it may be yet another month away.

Without wanting to make any comments about whether that’s right or wrong, smart, wise or stupid, let’s just think about it astrologically.

Of course everybody in the UK and their dogs wants to break free of the restrictions that the UK has been living under for something like 15 months now.

The situation is perfect symbology for what’s going on in the skies; Saturn the government and Uranus is the freedom-loving public that just want to live something like a normal life.

Some people are so up in arms about the situation, they have been protesting.

(And by the way, I am double-vaxxed so I am not really likely to be one of the protesters … but they are out there and they totally reflect the current astrology!)

On a more personal level, again it comes back to where you are holding yourself back, where you are resisting evolving and where you have lessons being shoved in your face and if you can just learn them you will begin to enjoy a real awakening.

So go easy as we move towards the second of these three clashes.

Knee jerk reactions will not lead to good things. 2021 is arguably more challenging than 2020 was for many people and the astrology completely reflects that.

The good news is that once we get through June come up we go into a much smoother patch for quite a few months.
Hang in there!

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