Virgo Horoscopes

Virgo Daily Horoscope – August 6 2020

Boy can other people make it all about them today or what – and it might reach the point where you find this amusing, even kind of charming because it’ll take your mind off your own worries. Tuning in to the fact that someone is feeling fragile presents you with several options, and for some of you, this is a deeply romantic sky and this will no doubt be expressed in a way that has nothing practical to it whatsoever.
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Virgo Monthly Horoscope – August 2020

Every star sign has a big issue this month. For you, it could be two; sex and/or money. One or both of these issues look pretty stressful – and maybe not in a good way. You need to heal your issues around sex and/or money. Work out where any anxiety you have around sex and/or came from and forgive all concerned.

Virgo Annual 2019

Want change? It's coming! 2019 is going to be a big year with lots of chances for change and enlightenment. Really! The change-maker planet Uranus will settle into a new home this year and that will affect us all in different ways. Plus we have 5 eclipses to help us...

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