✨ If you’re planning to travel between October 31 and November 20, then you will be doing it under Mercury retrograde.

Stop! Whatever you do, don’t panic!

There is nothing bad luck of dangerous about travelling when Mercury is going backwards.

In fact, on the contrary, what it can mean is

✨ you could go back to somewhere you have been before (maybe even under a previous Mercury retrograde!)

✨ you could go somewhere you like so much that you will return to in the future (maybe under a future Mercury retrograde)

✨ ✨ you could visit an old friend you haven’t seen in ages and the whole Mercury retrograde vibe is about you two reconnecting from the past to now…

That said, if you ARE planning to travel under Mercury retrograde, it’s best to make all the arrangements you can in advance.

So here is a big Do and a big Don’t from my new Mercury Retrograde Book, which I have co-authored with Kim Farnell.

DO: Expect delays and even cancellations when travelling. You might not be able to avoid travelling, so allow extra time in case of cancellations, postponements and delays. A little bit of advance planning can go a long way, too!

DON’T: Travel without a back‑up plan and check everything in advance. Pack your sense of humour along with everything else. (Mercury is the trickster!)

✨ Oh and another don’t on repeat: DON’T panic!

If you’re into learning about astrology and you want to get your facts straight about Mercury retrograde, I highly recommend you check out The Mercury Retrograde Book at www.mercuryretrogradebook.com (and if you grab it before October 15, you will get some great free bonuses to aid and abet your learning!

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