What the heck?

If you’re wondering about what the heck is going on in the Royal House of Windsor, well, the Saturn/Pluto alignment we are about to have is pretty much smack-bang on Queen Elizabeth’s ascendant – she probably feels like her life is exploding.

What with the still-smouldering Prince Andrew outrage and now the Harry and Meghan debacle, certainly the facade of the monarchy is crumbling.

A very apt metaphor

This is surely one of the most apt metaphors for Saturn/Pluto conjunct Queen Elizabeth’s ascendant imaginable.

As much as I can understand Harry’s desire for (and right to) a “normal” life, it’s quite the smack in the face for Her Majesty after a life of what at least looks from the outside as pretty selfless service.

My Mum (hi Mum!) always says how she thinks the royal lead the lives of Reilly, so to speak, but I’ve always thought it was rather a lot to be asked; to give up pretty much your entire life for a clutch of castles and tiaras, peppered with an endless round of dinners, mostly with people you either don’t know or don’t necessarily even like much.

The eclipse is bang on Her Majesty’s Nodes as well.

If ever there were a time when she might decide to hand to whole lot to her successors and retire with her hubby while he’s still in reasonable health, it could be now.

And it would be 100% understandable, too!

That said another outcome would simply for her to assert her power (Pluto) to come down like a ton of bricks (Saturn) on all her naughty kids.

2020 is on…

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