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Dare I say without sounding too earnest, how do I even write about this in a way that feels worthy?!?!

I’m featured in OPRAH DAILY!!!!


What a lovely thing! And a post OH so worth reading. (Writer Elena Nicolaou doesn’t do posts by halves!!!)

What is so amazing to me is that my thoughts about and practises for the Full Moon and forgiveness – which I first published about in 2016 in my book Moonology – are now being featured on this kind of amazing platform. Elena even has my Formula For Forgiveness in there!

It’s such a brilliant thing to get out there in the world. The more we can forgive the past, the more life improves.

I feel very grateful and honestly quite blown away by this.

Full Moon forgiveness – yeah!!!!! #fullmoonforgiveness


I hope this doesn’t sound too much like a speech by someone accepting an Academy Award 🤣 (I’d like to thank all the people who taught me about the power of forgiveness!) but it really does feel quite amazing. Avagoodweekend. 🥰