The Dark Moon is almost upon us and we’re also in a Mars retrograde cycle. - Yasmin Boland

Here’s what you need to know…

Mars retrograde is a time to slow things down.

While many people have heard of Mercury retrograde, what they may not know is that all the planets go retrograde from time to time. Right now we are experiencing Mars retrograde. This happens about every two or so years. Just as with Mercury retrograde, it’s actually an optical illusion. Mars appears to go backwards in the skies from our vantage point here on earth. Of course the planet is not actually going backwards. It’s a bit like when you’re on a fast train and see horses galloping in a field outside. It can appear that the horses are going backwards, when in reality they are moving at speed too, just at a much slower rate than the speeding train.

-What type of things happen during Mars retrograde?

Mars is the planet of action and determination, and also of anger, blood and war. When it goes backwards, it can be a rather frustrating time because Mars wants us to push forwards but right now it’s appearing to go backwards. Millenia of astrologers observing this phenomenon have shown that under Mars retrograde, we may find it harder to move forwards with whatever it is we are trying to achieve in our lives. So slowing down reduces frustration.

As well, there is a way to use this cycle positively. When Mars is retrograde, all of its powerful drive remains focused in one part of the skies for much longer.

One thing to do while Mars is retrograde between now and January is to take a look at what is going on in your life now and put all your energy into whatever needs your attention and determination. Focus on what is and what needs work, rather than thinking about the next big thing.

Because Mars is the planet of anger and war, having Mars going backwards can mean that old arguments are going to come up. On the world stage it could be that old issues between nations could come up again as well.

However there is also a sense that Mars retrograde is a very good time to stop fighting. Go back over the old issues which have come up and sort them out rather than continuing to batter your adversary.

Whilst there are many conflicts taking place around the world, it could be a good time for warring sides to lay down their guns and sort things out diplomatically. Let’s hope for a peaceful resolution for everyone.

-What can people expect from this specific retrograde?

This retrograde is taking place in the sign of Gemini, which is the sign of communications, language, talking, conversations, thinking, listening and anything else to do with getting your point across and expressing yourself.

The risk with this particular retrograde is getting stuck on one particular issue or point and arguing about it non-stop between now and the end of the retrograde in January. That would be the negative expression of this retrograde. The positive expression of this retrograde would be to use the focused energy to talk it out.

-How can one be different than another? What effects it?

Each retrograde is different depending on the sign it takes place in and the planets that are triggered.

Stay calm but be alert because this particular retrograde is being characterised by three clashes between Mars and Neptune. That can make for confusion and even disappointment when it comes to whatever it is you’re trying to achieve! We just need to expect a fair bit of confusion between now and the end of the retrograde in January.
That said, there are also a lot of positives coming up – see the Mars power dates below.

Mars power dates

Please note that although dates are given below, the energies don’t switch on and off like a light bulb. You will feel them in particular in the lead up to the date specified below but also in the aftermath.

19 Nov 2022
Mars clashes with Neptune
Confused? You probably will be! Pushing forward now will only lead to confusion and even disappointment. Try to be patient.

29 Nov 2022
Mercury clashes with Mars
An old argument could resurface. Try a different approach this time – it may lead to a better outcome.

30 Nov 2022
Venus clashes with Mars
Mars retrograde is not all bad. Today brings second chances in love. However it could also bring about an old argument with your lover.

7 Dec 2022
Sun clashes with Mars
The best thing to do today is get out of your own way!

28 Nov 2022
Mars harmonises with Saturn
Another potentially positive alignment. Something you were trying to create or build in your life but which didn’t work could get a second chance now.

19 Dec 2022
Mars harmonises with Chiron
Healing. If you’ve fallen out with someone and all you want to do is make up before the end of the year, now is the time when it could happen for you.

9 Jan 2023
Venus harmonises with Mars
We are all getting second chances when it comes to love and abundance. Use it or lose it!

12 Jan 2023
Mars retrograde ends.
It’s finally the right time to start pushing forward again with your plans for the year ahead.

The other important point to note is that 2023 is going to dawn with Mars retrograde. That means that although it’s an extremely good time to set intentions and make resolutions, as usual, it’s probably not worth trying to forge ahead with your plans until the middle of January when Mars retrograde will be over.

The next retrograde of Mars won’t take place until December 2024.

-Who will this Mars retrograde effect primarily – are there certain star signs that should be extra wary?

Everyone will be affected by this in a different way. Here is a very brief summary. If you know your rising sign, read that for a far more accurate prediction. If you don’t know your rising sign but you would like to find it out for free, visit

Here’s a quick run down through the signs:

Aries – temper the way you’re expressing yourself. Work on anger issues
Taurus – energy flows where your focus goes! So work harder on one particular way to generate income or risk a cash slow down
Gemini – your whole life is being affected; take time out to sort things out
Cancer – now is the time to put more energy into your spiritual life, for example meditation
Leo – there could be delays in your social life, an argument with a friend could be extended
Virgo – delays at work are to be expected. Go over projects before launching them
Libra – you could be frustrated when it comes to study and making travel plans. Be patient.
Scorpio – your sex life could go up in flames, (perhaps in a really good way!)
Sagittarius – there could be an ongoing argument with your lover, or more make-up sex…
Capricorn – slow down your daily life, for best results. Exercise is crucial now.
Aquarius – put more energy into having a good time in your time off
Pisces – delays related to home and family are projected. Sort out personal issues.

What you can do to lessen the effects of this retrograde.

The answer is; that’s the wrong question!

Planetary alignment and cycles are sent to us as opportunities to grow. We all have lessons to learn but most of us stay within our comfort zone and miss the opportunity to live a more fulfilling life. Mars retrograde is a time to just slow things down and work through any challenges that you’re facing now.

Many of us are really feeling the need to get back to normality on a deeper level. We just want things to settle down and for life to become a little sweeter and more predictable. But Mars retrograde is here to remind us that everything happens in its own time.

So rather than wishing this cycle away like many do, think about where in your life you need to slow down. Maybe you need to be more patient. Maybe you need to be more patient with someone else. Just know that forging ahead now in the face of this Mars retrograde is going to be a very annoying shortcut to frustration.

c. Yasmin Boland 2022

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